Scholarship Programs

The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation operates as a clearinghouse for several endowed scholarships made available to graduating Woodrow seniors. The Foundation is tremendously thankful to the many individuals who have committed to making these scholarships possible. If you would like to set up a scholarship to honor your graduation class, another organization or worthy individual, or your family legacy, please contact us.

2018 Scholarships

Attention Woodrow Seniors!
For 2018, 21 scholarships are available totaling $39,000. More than one award can be given to an individual applicant. Click here for application. Deadline for applications is March 23, 2018. Scholarship winners will be announced in late April.

Endowed Scholarships

The following is a list of the currently available scholarships:

Richard H. Vitale Family Scholarship

Woodrow Wilson Class of 1942 Scholarship

Marca Lee Bircher Vocal / Music Theater Scholarship

Woodrow Wilson Class of 1968 Scholarship

Woodrow Wilson Class of 1991 Scholarship

Dennis Roe Memorial/Class of 1971 Scholarship

Bob & Mary Jo English Scholarship

Veritex Community Leadership College Scholarship

The Richmond Family Scholarship

Alise Cortez Scholarship

U.S. Army Col. Jay Cozby Memorial Scholarship

Gustavo Ipina Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hal Hammond Memorial/Class of 1978 Scholarship

John Quinlan and Brandon Gordon Memorial Scholarship

The Kuesel Family Scholarship

The Friends of Lakewood Scholarship

The Marian Dieckman Hammert Scholarship

The Wildcat Legends Scholarship

The Honeybone Family Scholarship

The Charlotte and Joseph W. Geary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Amy & Jason Kulas Family Scholarship

Other Scholarship Funds

The following is a list of additional funds for scholarships that will be awarded in future years:

Woodrow Wilson Class of 1992 Scholarship

Woodrow Wilson Class of 1993 Scholarship

Woodrow Wilson Class of 2005 Scholarship


Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners

Richard H. Vitale Family Scholarship -- Victoryah Braun

University of Texas; Radio, TV, Film

2016 Recipient: Gabriel Jankovsky
2015 Recipient: Meaghan O'Connor
2014 Recipient: Janelle Ferrence
2013 Recipient: Kimberly Tepera
2012 Recipient: Samantha Braun
2011 Recipient: Brian Tepera

Amy and Jason Kulas Family Scholarship -- M'Kenna Norman

Texas A&M; Nursing

2016 Recipient: Hutton England
2015 Recipient: Addama Tucker
2014 Recipient: Maddison Salazar
2013 Recipient: Phoebe Sturges
2012 Recipient: Jennifer Garcia
2011 Recipient: Ana Harris

Alise Cortez Scholarship --
Reiley Lusk

University of Texas; Biology (Pre-Med)

2016 Recipient: Alondra Ortiz
2015 Recipient: Nia Delmast
2014 Recipient: Michelle Pasillas
2013 Recipient: Kayla Finstein

Veritex Community Leadership Scholarship -- Jacqueline Revilla

University of North Texas; International Business

2016 Recipient: Lauren Mora
2015 Recipient: Sandra Vazquez
2014 Recipient: Edereida Hernandez
2013 Recipient: Hannah Freeman
2012 Recipient: Adrian Quijada

Kuesel Family Scholarship -- Joseph Orozco

Austin Community College; Government/Political Science

2016 Recipient: David Juan
2015 Recipient: Shelby Patterson
2014 Recipient: James Allister Rutledge

Marian Diekman Hammert Scholarship -- Madison Jeter

Ohio State University; Elementary Education

Marca Lee Bircher Vocal/Musical Theater Scholarship -- No Award in 2017

2016 Recipient: Henry Craft
2015 Recipient: Erin Choi
2014 Recipient: Not awarded in 2014
2013 Recipient: Zach Youpa
2012 Recipient: Nicholas Chatham

Bob and Mary Jo English Memorial Scholarship -- Will Maddux

Texas A&M; Environmental Geosciences

2016 Recipient: Crystal Marshall
2015 Recipient: Devvyn Rhodes
2014 Recipient: Jose Estrada
2013 Recipient: Matthew Larson
2012 Recipient: Jonathon Notebaert
2011 Recipient: Jazmin Vazquez

The Friends of Lakewood Scholarship -- Lawson Freeman

University of Texas; Journalism

2016 Recipient: Michael Tepera

The Wildcat Legends Scholarship honoring G.L. "Pop" Ashburn; funded by Class of 1956 -- Catherine Rosas

Texas A&M; Environmental Engineering

2016 Recipient: Molly Weber

The Wildcat Legends Scholarship honoring Paul Harris and Wayne Pierce; funded by Class of 1966 -- Jackson Bell

Spring Hill College; Molecular Biology

2016 Recipient: Mariah Olson

The Wildcat Legends Scholarship; funded by Class of 1961 --
Cabrina Becker

University of Texas; Biology (Pre-Med)

The Richmond Family Scholarship -- Desiree Davis

Eastfield College; Law Enforcement

The Richmond Family Scholarship -- Deziree Ortega

Eastfield College; Journalism

2016 Recipient: Matt Merino

The Gustavo Ipina Memorial Scholarship -- No Award

2016 Recipient: Aurora Torres

Colonel Jay Cozby Memorial Scholarship -- Blake Walker

University of Texas; Pre-Physical Therapy

2016 Recipient: Ashley Watson
2015 Recipient: Corley Lovett
2014 Recipient: Patrick Kennedy
2013 Recipient: Merideth Coker

Class of 1978 Hal Hammond Memorial Scholarship --
Jillian Barthelemy

Texas A&M; Public Health/Nursing

2016 Recipient: Cole Martinez
2015 Recipient: Taylor Murray
2014 Recipient: Kyle Morrissey
2013 Recipient: Caroline Peterson

Class of 1971 Dennis Roe Memorial Scholarship -- Garrett Wood

University of Oklahoma; Meteorology

2016 Recipient: Andrew DeRouen
2015 Recipient: Leslie Scherger
2014 Recipient: Colette Weich
2013 Recipient: Zach Youpa
2012 Recipient: Maximillan Castillo

Class of 1942 Scholarship --
Taylor Howey

Texas A&M Corpus Christi;Biomedical Science/Military Science

2016 Recipient: Kosta Labos
2015 Recipient: Leslie Mojica
2014 Recipient: Gabriella Cervantes
2013 Recipient: Lauren Smith
2012 Recipient: Emmanuel Hernandez

Class of 1968 Scholarship --
Angel Montelongo

Austin College; Business Administration

2016 Recipient: Gabriella Hernandez
2015 Recipient: Katherine Pound
2014 Recipient: Maria Janet May
2013 Recipient: Sage Laughlin
2012 Recipient: Emmanuel Hernandez
2011 Recipient: Lorena Gutierrez

Class of 1991 Scholarship --
Stella DeLaughter

Savannah College of Art and Design; Fashion Design/ Fashion Marketing & Management

2016 Recipient: Georgie Osgood
2015 Recipient: Mario Ramirez
2014 Recipient: Elliott Page
2013 Recipient: Zoe Labos
2012 Recipient: Ramon Alvarez

John Quinlan and Brandon Gordon Memorial Scholarship --
Anh-Tuan Le

University of North Texas; Business (Computer Information Systems)

2016 Recipient: Not awarded in 2016
2015 Recipient: Not awarded in 2015
2014 Recipient: Andrea Ortega
2013 Recipient: Elias Esparza, Jr.

Amelia and Jesse Moreno Family Scholarship -- Not awarded in 2016 or 2017

2015 Recipient: Not awarded in 2015
2014 Recipient: Gabriella Bogacz
2013 Recipient: Kayla Finstein
2012 Recipient: Maria Garcia

William E. "Bill" Dickenson Memorial Scholarship -- Not awarded in 2016 or 2017

2015 Recipient: Not awarded in 2015
2014 Recipient: Audrey Kinast

Sally Poe Turpin Memorial Scholarship -- Not awarded in 2016 or 2017

2015 Recipient: Not awarded in 2015
2014 Recipient: Caroline Martinez
2013 Recipient: Erin Schilling
2012 Recipient: Hayley Heiner

Todd and Amy Williams Family Scholarship -- Not awarded in 2016 or 2017

2015 Recipient: Hope Boring
2014 Recipient: Jamilex Carreno
2013 Recipient: Jose Bermudez
2012 Recipient: Samantha Braun